Film Review: Feedback

In a pattern which has been repeated time and again, over decades and centuries, toxic masculinity is a continuing scourge on our society. It’s only now coming to light, for some men at least, the true cost of this pattern of behaviour and abuse. One exacerbated most recently by the ‘laddish’ culture of the ‘90s and often at its most pervasive in celebrity culture. Pedro C. Alonso tackles this thorny issue in his feature debut, Feedback.

After his comments about Brexit led to threats on his life, Jarvis (Eddie Marsan) is finally back on talk radio. However, his boss (Anthony Head) insists that he team up again with his former partner, Andrew (Paul Anderson). As they go on air it soon becomes Apparent that something is horribly wrong. An armed gang has taken over the studio and want Andrew to discuss what happened one night in a hotel.

Feedback is a claustrophobic thriller which brilliantly builds up tension until you’re about to snap. Much hinges on Marsan’s performance and he delivers one of his best. There’s a chilling calmness and certainty which flickers in between the cracks. Alonso ensures that the action never lets up and that his audience isn’t given a moment’s rest. Feedback impresses in all the right ways, and whilst the ending could prove contentious, it feels right.

Feedback is released on Digital HD by Signature Entertainment on 26 August.

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