Film Review: My Neighbour Adolf

Today, the internet is overrun by a myriad of peculiar and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Most of which are dangerous and harmful in one way of another. This is not a new phenomenon though. Far from it. The moon landing, Roswell and JFK are examples of three which have remained popular decades later. The idea that Hitler did not commit suicide but escaped to South America was first espoused by Joseph Stalin, of all people. This conjecture forms the basis for My Neighbour Adolf.

After losing all his family during the Holocaust, Polsky (David Hayman) has moved to a remote Columbian village to start a new life. He spends his days alone, playing chess or tending to his beloved black roses, which he brought with him from Europe. His quiet life comes to a screeching halt when a mysterious German (Udo Kier) takes up residence next door. Polsky becomes obsessed with the idea that he’s actually Adolf Hitler.

My Neighbour Adolf takes a conspiracy theory and has a lot of fun playing out the ‘what ifs?’. There’s obviously a seriousness to Leon Prudovsky’s film, but a wry humour is never too far away. Hayman and Kier are brilliant as the odd couple. Two acerbic old men who have fallen out of love with the world. Their shifting relationship forms the basis for this assured and entertaining narrative. My Neighbour Adolf is a surprisingly sweet take on a difficult issue.

My Neighbour Adolf is on digital platforms in the UK on 14 November.

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