Track: oWo release the wild-eyed ‘Built’ ahead of EP release and launch.

Feature Photograph: Cameron Ramsey

‘Built’ is a driving angular romp from oWo with a muscular bass spine upon which the motorik beat and shouty vocals hang with a degree of sneery attitude. The guitars scythe through the air and the whole song struts and prances with an arched eyebrow and a dead-eyed stare. It’s terrific stuff from this very exciting band. The band says of the track:

If you can’t look beyond your own perspective, nothing will get done. Like anyone who has tried to make anything – from music to housing – if we can’t find common ground, then the whole thing gets paralysed with disagreement and eventually collapses.

‘Built’ can be downloaded and streamed through the link above and here.

Their new EP is out on 19 April 2024 and you can catch the band in Sydney launching it – details below.

Feature Photograph: Cameron Ramsey

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