Track: Tourists release another shimmering single ‘Another State’ and announce news of album

‘Another State’ is the new dreamy and hypnotic single from the very exciting Tourists, and accompanies news of the release of the eponymously titled debut album due out on 20 November through Modern Sky.

‘Another State’ creates a mesmerising fugue – awash with gurgling and bubbling synths and layered vocals, ultimate dream pop to assuage the nerves and induce calm when all around descend into chaos.

The band says:

It’s about drifting off to another state of mind, the highs and lows, paranoia it can lead to in a relationship for example. But ultimately the importance it has for your wellbeing to experience it and disconnect with the world for brief blissful moments.

Brief and blissful moments indeed reflect the track’s effects. The video captures scene of bucolic bliss – bleached sunlight, pebbled beaches a nostalgic innocence and happy times together. The band says:

With the video, we wanted to give people a glimpse into our world down here in Torquay….Living here has played a big part in who we have become as people but also as a band. We have always felt like we’re in our own bubble here, cut-off from everyone else, like we’re doing our own thing musically, which has contributed hugely to our sound and our individuality which I feel is everything. So this video was our little nod to Torquay.

It’s gorgeous and, like the song itself, life affirming:

Along with the brilliant earlier track ‘Lego’, reviewed by me in July, there is something very strong emanating out of Torquay in the form of Tourists and the album is highly anticipated. You can pre-order physical copies of the album here with all sorts of goodies.

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