Track: Evening Hymns – Pyrenees

Evening Hymns is the ever-evolving project of musician, composer and producer, Jonas Bonnetta , is today sharing his new single, ‘Pyrenees’ which comes with an official video directed by Monika Kraska. ‘Pyrenees’ is the third song to be released after ‘I Can Only Be Good’ and ‘My Drugs My Dreams’ from the long-awaited new album, Heavy Nights, out June 26 via Shuffling Feet Records.

“I woke up before the band on the last date of tour in one of my favourite places in the world,” says Jonas. “Sitting way up in a mountain villa on the border of France and Spain above the village of Sare. I played guitar to a beat I had programmed on my phone. I was feeling new life. Falling in love while on the road and thinking about all the what-ifs. It [the track] wasn’t something that I could take to anyone to help process, so it just lived inside my head for that tour. It felt like catharsis to have an outlet for this pent-up energy. All of the conflict just being obliterated by this new excitement for a big change.”

‘Pyrenees’ features the work of Destroyer saxophonist, Joseph Shabason. It was written whilst on tour between Spain and France and this idea of a tide change in emotion is mirrored in the track’s explosive latter half. The sax just dips in adding a splash of cool to the mix of drums and piano. Bonnetta sounds chilled as he slowly croons his way through the track. He cranks the power up when the track ventures into 80s power pop territory

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