News: Norway’s Inferno Festival Give First Look At The Line Up

The magnificent Inferno Festival, a jewel in Oslo’s crown when it comes to black metal, death metal and all that’s in between, will soon be upon us again. As we close the book on the summer festivals, we can really start to put all our efforts into preparing for Inferno and getting excited for what they are going to deliver to us once again. Inferno really is a staple in many a metal calendar and 2023 is looking like it will once again be a juggernaut, a true force to be reckoned with, and I for one will certainly be travelling to the Norwegian capital for Inferno Metal Festival 2023.

The first few announcements have already been made and they certainly haven’t held back with the bands already introduced to the line-up with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral and Godflesh, they really aren’t holding back with this edition. The list of enrolled bands so far includes the likes of:

Cannibal Corpse – True demigods in the death metal landscape and ones who surely do not need any introduction if you are currently reading this.

Odium – A Norwegian Symphonic black metal band who were formed in 1994 and the members have subsequently gone on to play in other bands such as Myrkskog, Grimfist and Emperor.

Harakiri for the Sky – First time in Oslo for this aggressive and melancholic post black metal duo.

Djevel – Raw and unpolished classic Norwegian black metal Grammy award winners.

Nekromantheon – One of my personal highlights of the line up so far, Norwegian thrash metal at its best and very exciting to see these back at Inferno Festival.

Darvaza – Pure and raw black metal served up by an Italian – Norwegian duo who also serve in other projects such as Chaos Invocation, Death Row and the mighty Behexen.

Nervosa – Brazilian thrash metal, aggressive and pure fury served up to all your senses and their first time at Inferno festival.

Svalbard – English post metal joining Inferno for the first time.

Dark Funeral – Swedish Black Metal Pioneers. A true lesson in ‘The Secrets Of The Black Arts’

Uada – Devastating black metal from the U.S.

Sakis Tolis – Stepping out of the Rotting Christ light to bring his solo project to Inferno for the first time, expect black, gothic, and ritualistic black metal at its finest.

Mork – Created as a one-man band but destined to bring a full live band to inferno 2023, another one not to be missed. 

1914 – Appointed as cultural ambassadors for Ukraine and granted special permission from the Ukraine government to perform at Inferno 2023 it will be the first time their blackened death doom has graced the Norwegian landscape.

Godflesh – Colossal industrial black metal from the metal mecca of Birmingham, UK, and another first appearance at Inferno Festival.

Masacre – Colombian brutal death metal and not for ‘people with a weak stomach.’ Masacre will be touching down on Norwegian soil for the first time ever to join us at Inferno.


The Clarion Hotel The Hub is the official festival hotel for the Inferno Metal Festival 2023. 

The Inferno family: audience and artists, media and music industry will gather at the official festival hotel Clarion The Hub for happenings, partying, and a good night’s sleep. The Inferno Music Conference will take place at the hotel in the daytime Thursday and Friday. There will be pre- and after-parties in the Hub Bar with Inferno DJs, artist interviews, the famous Black Metal Auction hosted by Tore Bratseth and more! 

For guests staying at the hotel, it will be Oslo’s best hotel breakfast until 11:00 (you don’t want to miss it) and free access to the swimming pool and sauna. The Hub boasts Oslo’s best location, right in the city centre, next to Oslo Central Station and the Airport Express Train – and only about a five minutes’ walk from the venues Rockefeller & John Dee, SALT, Kniven, Vaterland and Rock In. The special Inferno discount price is valid in the period 2nd to 10th April. Extend your stay and experience Oslo ! 

Go to to order and make sure the discount/booking code INFERNO is enabled to get the correct festival prices.


Cannibal Corpse, Godflesh, Dark Funeral, Uada, Odium, Sakis Tolis, Harakiri for the Sky, Urgehal, Djevel, Nekromantheon, Mork, Darvaza, Nervosa, 1914, Svalbard, Masacre, Vredehammer, Lili Refrain, Dwaal, Afsky, Mutilated Tyrant

More artists to be announced!

For tickets go to:

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