Track/Video: Electronic artist I Am Fya previews new single ‘The Sun Will Kill Me’ – dub dropping beats with a story to tell.

You can sense the temperature rising around Brighton based artist I Am Fya. Her punchy debut as producer/ composer ‘A Womxn’ in 2019, a dark dub, twitchy glitch, post-mod RnB drill down into socio-sexual dynamics, was some announcement. A following string of forthright, energetic digi-releases then maintained the pace before last year’s single ‘Consciousness’, her first for Rose Hill Records, pushed on further. Alongside the song’s intense electronic atmosphere and seismic pulse came a sense of I Am Fya’s sound defining itself. Weaving street sounds, searching vocals, scratchy percussion with poignant lyrical commentary, this music had voice.

So with the news of I Am Fya’s next statement incoming, it really is time to get active. Releasing on the 16th June, again via Rose Hill Records, new single ‘The Sun Will Kill Me’ is a summery, sensitive, thick rhythmed slice of electro avant-pop. Framed by I Am Fya’s prolonged stay in Barbados with her unwell parents during pandemic times, the song captures the friendship she struck up with Amiya, daughter of her father’s carer. It’s Amiya’s singing, phone recorded on one of their sun-baked walks, that gives ‘The Sun Will Kill Me’ its title, hook and uplift. She’s also a key player in the crisply syncopated, naturally warming video (previewed below) which completes I Am Fya’s latest impressive sound and vision offering.

With trap-beat tensions and sound system density, lyrical flow and trip-hop echoes, ‘The Sun Will Kill Me’ ticks all the boxes and more. Unusually for something electronic and experimental it’s coming from a real place.

Watch out for the audio release on 16th June of ‘The Sun Will Kill Me’ HERE or on the Rose Hill website HERE
and for the video go to I Am Fya’s You Tube

You can also catch the live launch of the single as part of I Am Fya’s set supporting Creepshow (neatly also on 16th June) at The Attenborough Centre, Brighton.
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