Track: Bertie Newman Shares ‘Home’ From New EP ‘Thoughts So Loud’

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Bertie Newman releases the beautiful and impactful new EP ‘Thoughts so Loud’. Featuring the new single ‘Home’, a prime example of Bertie’s cross genre sound, the EP delivers four warming, catch and effortlessly beautiful tracks.

A warming blend of electronic-pop tendencies, plucky organic instrumentation, emotive, highly relatable lyricism and Newmans ever silky vocal delivery, the new single ‘Home’ is one of the highlights from the new EP. A prime example of Bertie’s easily accessible and commercially viable sound whilst retaining a fluorescent musical depth which pulls it beyond the realms of any of it’s singular parts.

From the stripped, understated versus through to the explosive and infectiously catchy chorus, the track delivers a captivating sonic experience.

Talking about the track, Bertie explains:

“‘Home’ is really a throwback to how I felt really anxious about my current relationship when it first started to manifest. I felt as if a mirror had been placed directly in front of me and everything that was good and bad about myself was being revealed. It is also, most importantly about how when you find a place of peace, then you gravitate towards it, no matter what that place is for you. Firstly, I wanted to stress how incredible meeting this person was, and did this by comparing the best things imaginable in life to the most annoying things life throws at you however you are spending time with that person and ultimately preferring it to the luxuries of life – lyrics such as “hotel paradise” and “five star dreams” just aren’t as nice “as a rainy day, stuck in traffic by your side”. This then bleeds into the chorus saying “I want to go home”

Listen to Home and the rest of the ‘Thoughts So Loud’ EP below:

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