News: Diggis Unveils Soulful Hip-Hop Anthem ‘Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance’

Amidst the trials and tribulations of recent years, Diggis has turned to his creative outlets as a source of solace and grounding. Embracing hip-hop as more than just a hobby, he has found a fruitful life within the culture and has channeled his creativity to contribute to its growth.

Diggis’ latest release, ‘Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance,’ is a captivating hip-hop track that seamlessly blends various styles, including soulful, 90s Boom Bap, and old school influences. With this offering, Diggis crafts a smooth and conscious anthem, inviting listeners to tap into a peaceful and aware state of mind and energy. The song’s impact lies in its storytelling, relaxing and positive vibes, and overall chill liveliness that immediately engages the listener.

Pushing positive hip-hop music is at the core of Diggis’ artistic representation as he strives for progress on local, social, and global levels. He aims for a sense of balance and authentic substance, intertwining work and play, progress and relaxation—the best of both perspectives—as he navigates uncharted territory.

‘Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance’ benefits from the production prowess of beat-making legend Phoniks, co-founder of Don’t Sleep Records. Diggis’ positive lyrics and energy flow confidently and naturally over the super smooth instrumental, resulting in a harmonious synergy of energies.

This track serves as a sequel to ‘Straight Chillin’ (Pt1)’ from Diggis’ debut album, Small Town Stories. Its release marks a celebration of his evolution, growth, and unwavering dedication to moving forward. “Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance” sees Diggis expanding upon the original concept of “chilling in the rainforest on your day off,” delving deeper into the idea of balance, life responsibilities, spiritual growth, and healthy living.

Reflecting on the track, Diggis remarks, ‘The song is a self-reminder, a symbol of growth, and a new chapter in the journey of self-improvement and discovery.’ With its soulful essence and thoughtful lyricism, “Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance” encapsulates Diggis’ artistic vision and his commitment to providing a meaningful musical experience.

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Diggis’ latest release and allow his positive energy to resonate within. This track serves as a testament to his growth as an artist and his unwavering dedication to personal and creative progress. Experience the captivating journey of ‘Straight Chillin’ Pt2 Be About The Balance’ and join Diggis on his path of self-improvement and discovery.

Listen below:

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