Emerging from Brighton come garage rock quintet, The Psycho Relics with the release of their debut track, ‘Rocking Chair’, a spiralling mix of 60s inspired rock ‘n’ roll and modern psych weaved into western infused grooves.

The track is driven by chiming harpsichord and supported by a relentless barrage of cymbals and fills, while guitar riffs float across the song and syrupy bass lines melt the sound together. The lyrics touch upon the ease of staying stuck in a rut and lacking the motivation to pull yourself out and adventure out of your comfort zone but a pulsating psychedelic breakdown and a smooth elastic vocal keep the song flowing.

Tracks like bring the raw, unabridged spirit of garage rock back to the forefront and with a debut single this good, its certain many will follow their progress.

For fans of Spindrift, Mystic Braves, The Pinheads