Track: Bronx Slang – ‘Happens A Lot’: examining the rise and fall of the rhymer with tough old-skool breakz

STILL rhyming with power, truth, rhythm; still living it in the Big (Rotten) Apple, Beeks and Miggs of Bronx Slang keep the gems coming from street-level observations as they shape up for their album later this year? When? When?

Jeez, if only I could tell you – I don’t know myself; let’s at least be satisfied with the fact they’re tantalising us with nuggets like their latest drop, “Happens A Lot” – take a listen for y’self.

Over tough breakz the pair examine the rise, rise and fall of a hip hop career when a kid from the projects is dazzled by the flash, gets distracted, can’t produce the goods anymore – and are dropped as abruptly as they rose.

“Started from the bottom, straight to the top, back down to the bottom, it sure happens a lot”, they sing; “”Fast money, fast cars, yeah, the fast life,”, all nailed down by some widescreen boppin’ jazz, the old-skool Noo Yoik.

“Happens A Lot” follows the crisp warning of “Copy That” and last autumn’s teaser mixtape into their recent annals of conscious crackers.

Oh, one thing we can reveal about the forthcoming album – it comes with UK production chops from Fake Blood and Jadell, so expect sonic excellence. 

Bronx Slang’s “Happens A Lot” is out now on all digital streaming platforms via Fabyl.

Keep your ears to the ground for their second full-length album later in the year: follow Bronx Slang on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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