Premiere: We get an exclusive look at the stunning new video for Samuel Gaskin’s evocative single ‘PRESSŪRE’. 

Feature Photograph: Michelle Grace Hunder

Earlier this month we reviewed the beautiful new single ‘PRESSŪRE’ from Melbourne based queer Māori musician Samuel Gaskin, and we are honoured to bring you a first look at the stunning video for this shimmering track

Immediately, Gaskin confronts the viewer with shocking epithets over the face of a young child that contrast with the gentle opening music – nasty words of racial abuse over the face of innocence. It is a sobering reflection of the realities of a vein of racism that pervades society, and yet between these nasty words, we see scenes of First Nations performers rehearsing and practicing for a piece in the bright sunshine, evoking passion and creativity.

It serves to reinforce the message of positivity in this track, facing down adversity and negativity with the sheer beauty of art.

Produced by Gaskin and Dean Tuza, ‘PRESSŪRE’ is a gentle reminder that we all experience the hopelessness of hard times. Gaskin says:

Releasing PRESSŪRE right now is the perfect response for me to the #GROSS referendum result and the feelings of hopelessness I’ve had watching a war unfold in horror. It’s crazy how things work, I wrote this song a long time ago BUT… PRESSŪRE speaks directly to the times we live through…

Gaskin expresses a kind of optimism and universal love that waters the eyes with the repetition of the words exhorting us to find a way. Gaskin says of the lyrics:

What I love about it is that whilst it directly addresses the struggles of life you can still feel the “hope” and the “love” and that’s what I will continue to lead with

When Gaskin starts to sing in the video, he has a magnetic presence in a luscious dark and brooding room. The sheer force of his performance is moving and transfixing, delivering the most exquisite sounds and emotions. There is such kindness and beauty in this video it waters the eyes, while the bruised and battered face of an innocent that reappears reminds us that it is the children who suffer the most in any conflict. It is an effective and sobering dichotomy that only serves to emphasis Gaskin’s resilience and power in his creativity.

The creation and concept behind the stunning video comes from Gaskin and Johnny Hamilton:

I think I’ve got something in my eyes. ‘PRESSŪRE’ is out now through Noisehive and available to download and stream here.

Upcoming Shows:
Friday 1st December 
Special appearance with Kee’ahn
Northcote Social Club (Wurundjeri country)

Feature Photograph: Michelle Grace Hunder

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