Premiere: Sydney trio oWo unveil their ‘Exit Plan’: another vital slice of shimmering, anarchic post punk pie.

We are very pleased to exclusively reveal the new single from Sydney band oWo, ‘Exit Plan’. This is a thundering insistent track with a fuzzy chain saw guitar attack. The snarling delivery and attack recedes to something more ethereal and dreamy half way through as a wayward intermission, before launching back into the scything assault.

oWo unleash an anarchic chaotic front, teetering on the brink of an explosion, restrained by the pounding rhythm section: it is visceral and exciting stuff that has an antipodean genesis from bands like Hunters and Collectors and The Birthday Party and, more recently, Infinity Broke as well as other bands like the Mars Volta and The Fall.

The sinewy bass line provides a melodic steely spine, and the call and response vocals add a resonance and thrill. The accompanying video – late night driving and a dark shadowy band performance befitting something from Michael Mann or Nicolas Winding Refn – adds to the enigma that is oWo:

You can get the single through the link below:

oWo are further proof of the Marrickville sound – an inner west of Sydney phenomenon seeing late blooming guitar based rock (often consisting of eighties and nineties indie legends) blooming in an otherwise arid urban desert. The single comes ahead of oWo’s album ‘Super Role Model’ due out tomorrow (25 February 2022) and available to save through the link below.

oWo are:

Justin Lucas: drums/vocals
Chris Wilson: guitar/vocals
Dennis Leung: bass/vocals

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