Album Review: Sublime Creatures Vol. I – House of Reptile records

The Breakdown

A pro-active community of thinkers. A patch-work of empowered souls, ideas and experiences.

Label release overview and manifesto:

Sublime Creatures, defiant of society’s cages, its definitions of power, beauty and status. A higher stance above bitter resentment. A pro-active community of thinkers. A patch-work of empowered souls, ideas and experiences.

Directly related to one of the sentences in our manifesto, Sublime Creatures is a call to our most powerful selves.

The name of the label itself is about us working on bettering ourselves and being united in all our differences. “Reptile” is about our relationship with the reptilian brain and our efforts to understand what truly means to be human (tools to perfect your instinct), becoming aware of ourselves and the others around us. “House of” is a direct allusion to the “house and ball culture” movements in NYC in the early 80s.

The sense of a real family of strangers coming together around a shared sense of purpose.

Check out the opening track from Rommek here:

Verdict: Dark clouds billow above the decay of a collapsed city now just rubble and broken glass. Brief flashes of light illuminate the night as an electric storm builds within the skies. A light that casts ominous shadows as things crawl and scratch at the torn landscape. It is a strange and unforgiving place, a place where one is given the simple choice, survive or get swept away by the tide of despair. Look for hope in the darkness and you will find light.

A little over dramatic? maybe, but give this compilation a listen and see if it doesn’t conjure up images of tenebrious worlds as the music drives into your soul. Industrial, dark and emotive Techno done right.

A1 Rommek – Cloak and Dagger 6:40
A2 Polanski – Chthonic Deity 5:04
B1 Samot – Proactive Society 6:24
B2 Burden – Circuit Bender 5:52
C1 Kursk – Ghosts And Shadows 5:39
C2 Angel Attack – Créature Irréelle 5:20
C3 Tullia Benedicta – Oval 3:58
D1 Restive Plaggona – Zra Mra 5:52
D2 Fairground Of Tears – Fall 5:05
D3 Halv Dröm – Currency 4:55

OUT NOW Sublime Creatures Vol. I | House of Reptile Records

On gorgeous Pink and Grey Vinyl (edition of 100) and Digital

Artwork designed by Studio Gruhl

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