See: Hinds release new video for ‘Bamboo’

Promo image of Hinds band for release of Bamboo video

Hinds, as you’ve never seen them before, become thieves in the video for their breakthrough single ‘Bamboo’.

The charm of Hinds is inescapable – I fell for them when I reviewed their fearless debut album, ‘Leave Me Alone’, back in January. That album is now getting a deluxe release (on 28 October via Lucky Number), featuring b-sides and rarities including mobile phone demos that were originally meant for the band’s ears only.

They aren’t all about giving and sharing, though. In the new animated video for ‘Bamboo’, they head off on a mission to use their girl power to steal some bizarre items. I won’t spoil the dastardly – and oddly dark – plot of the ridiculously sweet looking cartoon, but if you dislike violence to animated unicorns it might be worth covering your eyes.

The video, drawn and directed by Laurina Paperina, is another example of this band’s infectious sense of humour. The song, ‘Bamboo’, radiates sultry warmth with Hinds’ unique brand of sunny low-fi garage rock.

Yet again, the irrepressible energy and party attitude of Hinds has stolen my heart.

‘Leave Me Alone’ deluxe release tracklisting:

1. Garden
2. Fat Calmed Kiddos
3. Warts
4. Easy
5. Castigadas En El Granero
6. Solar Gap
7. Chili Town
8. Bamboo
9. San Diego
10. And I Will Send Your Flowers Back
11. I’ll Be Your Man
12. Walking Home

+ Deluxe edition
1. Holograma (Los Nasty’s cover)
2. When It Comes To You (Dead Ghosts cover)
3. Castigadas en el Granero (BARN)
4. Between Cans (BARN)
5. Trippy Gum
6. Davey Crockett (The Headcoats cover)
7. Whiskey (Demo) (unreleased song 11-Jan-2014)
8. Walking Home (Demo) (16-April-2015)
9. San Diego (Demo) (6-August-2014)
10. Fat Calmed Kiddos (Demo) (24-May-2014)
11. Chili Town (Demo) (28-Feb-2015 )
12. Castigadas en el Granero (8-bit)

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