Track: Mar Omin Shines On The Beautiful and Heart Felt New Single ‘No Goodbye’ From Upcoming Album ‘Extricate’

Once again showcasing his silky smooth vocals, emotive writing and effortless ability to create atmospheric, neo-soul beauty, Mar Omin shines on the new single ‘No Goodbye’.

Taken form the upcoming album Extricate along with previously released stunners ‘When I’m Gone’ and ‘Little Bird’, the track gives another look at the depthy, intricate and soulful sound which you can expect to find across the full upcoming release. Opening with a warming finger picked guitar line under Mar’s stylistic smooth, breathy vocal delivery, ‘No Goodbye’ sets the scene before gradually introducing layers of harmonies and subtle electronics.

As the track shifts into the chorus, Mar’s vocals are gently processed as deep electronic bass and cinematic piano take hold. In to the second verse the track then grows once more with the introduction of earthy, muted beats and beautiful, atmospheric electric guitar lines. In the latter section the track truly climax’s as strings surround the soundscape and mars vocals soar into a huge and euphoric instrumental section.

Speaking about the track, Omin shares: “I wrote this song after my father died in 2015. He showed me unconditional love and how to communicate feelings through music. He was my friend and I am forever grateful for him. ‘No Goodbye’ is a song about loss, love, and longing for someone you deeply love to return once more.”

A stunning work of art to match the extremely high level of musicality across his catalogue, ‘No Goodbye’ is another emotionally tiring, sonically rich offering that gives me chills.

Listen below:

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