See: Field Music release brilliant new video for No Pressure

Ah, Field Music. You can never go wrong with Field Music, hence they are one of our favourite bands here on Backseat Mafia, so we’re delighted that their new album ‘Flat White Moon’, os out on 23rd April via Memphis Industries.

From it, the band, led by brothers Peter and David Brewis, have released lead single ‘No Pressure’, and a brilliant YouTube parody video on how to make you’re own Field Music track.

Of the song, one of the few politically influenced songs on the record, David says “It feels like we’re in a new political paradigm where no one takes responsibility for anything and, even worse, they don’t seem to feel any shame or remorse about it. The song is like a mirror image of Under Pressure. But if that was about “people on the street”, this is mostly from the perspective of someone up on high insisting that nothing is his fault while the rest of us scratch around trying to hold things together,”

Although the band commentate on the variables of the song throughout the video, take it as read that, as with all good Field Music tracks, there’s delicious hooks, a good dose of Funk, a doff of the cap in Talking Heads direction, some frankly gorgeous harmonies in the backing vocals, and just enough surprises concealed within its avant pop twists and turns to keep you in its thrall for a good long while.

Check it out, here

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