Premiere: Scoobert Doobert releases new video for ‘Moving To Canada’

California’s Scoobert Doobert, named after the supposed real name of Scooby Doo (although in researching this article I discovered there’s some conjecture about that, and in fact his surname may indeed actually be ‘Doo’, but I digress) has just released a new video for his new single ‘Moving To Canada’ and we’re delighted to premiere it right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the new track, he says “Doesn’t Canada sound like a maple-syrup soaked wonderland? Filled with friendly Mounties and declarations of “oh sorry.” Delightfully polite with a pretty prime minister who doesn’t hate humanity, equipped with a healthcare system that won’t bend your arm, and stocked with oven-fresh scone treats for the pup? A MAGA man told me, “If you don’t like it here, then move!” Hell, guy, come to think of it I just might. I can almost see it now, set my compass to follow the funky bass line and bring along my trusty canine companion. (But still being kinda bummed about it, I’ll have to craft a sound-bath prophylactic to manage the heavy feels.) Moving to Canada is a song to whistle on the way, a spirited serenade to help traverse the trail toward the last outpost of reindeer and redemption.”

The song is this bubbling bag of funk / indie, in the Spoon / Unknown Mortal Orchestra way, with this incredible twisting bassline, smothering synth chords and this sort of weird, whistled riff that sits just north of incredible. It all glues and glides together with the sweet vocals, political point scoring and the sweetest melodies to make something that’ll have you reaching for repeat.

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