Track : Harry Katz and The Pistachios release ‘ Oh Yes’

Harry Katz- Photo by Lee Citron
Harry Katz and The Pistachios – Oh Yes ( Official Music Video)

Quirky lyrics, sweet video and enigmatic persona: Harry Katz has got it all ! “Oh Yes” – the first single off their upcoming debut full-length album promises to be a nostalgic reminder to legends like Tom Waits and Little Shop of Horrors. For songwriter Harry Katz, the choice to become the fearless leader of the Pistachios was mainly a promise to stay true to himself. Based in Los Angeles, Harry Katzand the Pistachios is a band that promises to bring you to its own genre. To quote Katz himself :
“It’s a love song in the modern context of encouraging communication through every turn,” Harry says, “It’s the trust that makes the love real.” I for one can affirm that I find this highly amusing. and about time that someones sing about such a testy topic in a honest to God playful demeanor.
Harry Katz and the Pistachios will be celebrating their upcoming album release with a local residency.
The 10-piece band will be performing every Wednesday in March at the Silverlake Lounge.

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