News: ‘Irish as f**k, not Irish folk!’ – Áine Tyrrell announces Australian tour

Irish-born Áine Tyrrell, is taking to the road to showcase her contemporary global sound.

Tired of being pigeon-holed as an Irish folk singer, Tyrrell is keen to show her wares as a woman of substance; a singer-songwriter who is so much more than a stereotypical Irish folk singer, and who has incorporated a myriad of musical styles into her performance repertoire to bolster an already exciting, yet hard-hitting stage show.

A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, activist and mother, Áine Tyrrell is incredibly proud of her heritage, despite the continuous and ongoing connotations surrounding Irish music as ‘Irish Folk’ and the over-valued assumption of ‘Irish’ behaviour associated with the heritage.

Hailing from a rich Irish lineage of music, Áine’s artistry cannot be confined to a single genre, as she rejects the limitations imposed by the music industry’s narrow definition of Irish Folk.

Instead, she is redefining her rise through her unique genre, ‘Irish as Fuck,’ blending spoken word, hip hop, acoustic guitars, and powerful vocals. A reflection of the brave new world we are entering, one that is post-genre, post-pandemic, post-colonial, and post-traumatic.

As Tyrrell explains she got the inspiration for this tour from a close friend.

The name of this tour came after a discussion where I could see how the industry were placing limitations on the folk genre and because of such assumptions, placing unfair boundaries on my creativity as an artist.

In discussion with my genre-busting dear friend Jen Cloher, she so eloquently stated that “Irish Folk” was damaging me and quite frankly could never contain me, but that I was ‘Irish as F*ck,” said Tyrrell.

It felt like the perfect way to describe me and I could feel it in my bones. I run deep like my culture, I write complex like my upbringing, and I sing with the strength of my ancestors.

Tyrrell wants the tour to also make the audience reflect on their own heritage and how we treat others.

What I am really looking forward to on this tour is starting a bigger conversation and connection on how we see and define each other, how much better off we all will be if we can open our hearts to the humans in front of us and not be constricted by expectations of race, gender, cultural background, socioeconomic background.

Feature Image: Renae Saxby

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