Live Review: Lucy Dacus/Indigo de Souza – The Stone Pony, Asbury Park 26.2.2022

Lucy Dacus at The Stone Pony
Lucy Dacus at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Photo by Deb Johnsen

Musicians are really doing whatever it takes to stay on the road in 2022. Scrambling for substitute band members or crew when positive tests arrive to anything else thrown their way. When singer/songwriter Lucy Dacus started suffering from herniated spinal discs, she took to her couch – on stage. 

These early 2022 shows have now been dubbed “The Couch Tour” complete with custom merch featuring a drawing of Lucy on her couch. Having a loyal and dedicated fan base is key when you attempt to pull off performing most of a show lying down – and Lucy has it. 

Indigo de Souza at The Stone Pony

The entry line wrapped around Ocean Avenue in the otherwise empty and cold, off-season Asbury Park. The Stone Pony opened in 1974 and became famous when Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band put it (and Asbury Park, New Jersey) on the map. For bands, it’s still an honor to play a sold-out show in this club and this night was no exception.

Indigo de Souza hit the stage with a strong presence, leading her band into The Sun Is Bad from her debut album “I Love My Mom”. I was unfamiliar with her music, but quickly became drawn to her lyrics and energy. A real force to be reckoned with, she brought to mind Ani DiFranco at times – driving the rhythm with her guitar and pushing her voice to the limit on songs like Way Out and Real Pain from her latest album “Any Shape You Take”.

Lucy Dacus greeted the audience in a black Stone Pony baseball jacket before reclining on a big tan sofa. Most of the crowd lost sight of her at that point, with the exception of two white sneakers elevated, keeping the beat. Lucy’s band bopped along to First Time and Hot & Heavy, two infectious tunes from her 2021 album, “Home Video”. Sitting up on her sofa, Dacus posed a question “who else here went to Vacation Bible School?” She noted the spattering of raised hands before slinging her guitar back around her torso and lying down to perform VBS. It was actually kind of amazing that she could lie back, sing and play, keeping the momentum and banter of a regular show. 

Fool’s Gold, a low-key song inspired by New Year’s Eve from her “2019” EP was played by special request. That EP also contains a number of covers including Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing In The Dark – which she has been playing on tour – but this was a highlight, given the location. Lucy’s parents were in attendance and she coaxed her Dad onstage to play guitar and the audience joined in on the chorus.

The raw and powerful Night Shift, from her 2017 album “Historian” made the perfect ending to Lucy’s impressive, 19-song set. 

All Photos: Deb Johnsen

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