Track: Legendary Brighton indie pop outfit The Popguns roar back with new and brilliant EP – Popism

Those of us of a certain vintage will remember the The Popguns, and the 90s band of some repute are back with a new single/ep ‘Popism’, that shows they’ve lost none of their melodic exuberance in the intervening couple of decades or so.

The fact that Matinee Records- purveyors of fine indie and jangle pop, have put their name to it and are releasing it is an extra hallmark of quality.

Certainly opener Caesar swoons and whirls around, with memorable melodies intertwined with spidery guitar lines and just a touch of devastating melancholy, showing what we’ve been missing all these years.

Dirty London, is more matter of fact, more robust even but equally as brilliant, while Red Cocoon harks back to the opener with a straight up poppy breeze in amongst the rather lovely backing vocals. Finally Indie Rock Goddess has this scuffed up indie singalong quality about it that makes it just about irresistable.

The EP is released on 7” vinyl through Matinée Recordings and on CD through the Popguns’ own SnugPop Recordings. Limited to 500 copies (7″) and 300 copies (CD).   

Welcome back The Popguns – how have we managed without you? Check out the Popism EP below

Complete release details are on the Matinée catalog page:  


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