Premiere: Sid Seth hones his pop instincts further on irresistible new single ‘Sunday’

You should get to know New Yorker Sid Seth. He’s only got a handful of singles out, the most recent being March’s ‘Hopeless War’, but it feels like he’s really starting to hit his stride. There’s a little Bollywood and Indian classical influence in there, a little R&B, but what he hasn’t done yet is lean into his pop instincts and serve up a bop. It turns out he’s pretty damn good at that, too.

On the handclap-laden new song ‘Sunday’, he pens an ode to infatuation and that butterflies-inducing feeling of having an inescapable crush. Here’s Seth on the song: “The story is quite simple. It’s about having a great weekend and then hating it as soon as it’s over. It’s about wanting to spend a little more time with whoever you’re seeing and the moment they are gone, you can’t wait for the next weekend to relive it again… I was writing a lot of heartfelt songs, I played a series of them for my mentor, and she loved them all but said, ‘how about you write something instantly hooky and that could be a ‘bop?” I wasn’t in that frame of mind at all but I took it up as a challenge. For some reason, as I was walking down the West Side Highway, I was seeing the planes and I came up with ‘I’m falling with no parachute…’ I started laughing and didn’t think about it much. I wrote the rest of the song in one go and started singing ‘Sunday all night…'”

We’re premiering the lyric video for ‘Sunday’ below. It’s a taste of further new material to come from him next year; hopefully your appetites are sufficiently whetted.

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