Amber Arcades (aka Annelotte de Graaf) has revealed the 2nd song from her new, 2nd, album “European Heartbreak”. Simple Song provides part 2 of the story began in the previous video. The couple introduced in the first video are now on their vacation, soundtracked to what feels must be a classic Europop record, but is actually the new track.

Musically and visually bringing to mind the best parts of a European roadtrip, while the story and the lyrics hint at the disillusionment you can find on the way – as the song says; “we’ll wake up and realise, it’s always been this way”.  Hinting at a sophisticated but melancholy pop sound for the new record, De Graaf says “If it were called American Heartbreak, you wouldn’t bat an eye. Somehow calling it European Heartbreak feels far less comfortable, almost like a statement in itself. I’m Dutch, hence European. The focus of the record is Europe.”.  

The album European Heartbreak is out on 28th September on Heavenly.