Track: Northtale Release New Version Of ‘Follow Me’ Featuring New Vocalist Guilherme Hirose

After a recent line up change, Northtale announced their new vocalist Guilherme Hirose from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Now, with a new album and a big tour on the horizon, the band have shared a new single to shorten the wait with a re-recorded version of the 2019 track ‘Follow Me’ with Guilherme Hirose on vocals.

Guitarist Bill Hudson comments: 

“As most of you know, we have recently welcomed our new singer, Guilherme Hirose, to the band. While the world was hiding inside their homes, a lot of musicians just went into the studio to create new music, and we were no different. Guilherme has blown our minds in the studio, and I am pretty sure we’ve created a much better record than our debut. This also made me want to listen to him sing some of our old songs, so we recorded a few of those in the studio and we get to show them to you now! Sadly, it’ll be a few months before our new album is out, but rest assured, it’ll come out in time for our European tour with UNLEASH THE ARCHERS and STRIKER this winter! We will start it off with my favourite song in the entire album, ‘Follow Me’!”

New singer Guilherme Hirose adds: 

“I’m very happy and thankful that I was able put my interpretation and soul on some of the songs from Northtale’s debut album! I can’t wait for everyone to save those songs on their favourite playlists!”

Epic in every way, from the rampaging guitars to the lung busting vocals delivered by Hirose who cements his place in this band and proves he was a great choice. These guys write loud and proud metal full of blistering guitar solos and soaring vocals that hit you like a freight train. All with a touch of fantasy giving an interesting twist to the exceptional music.

Check it out, here

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