Track: Dirty Dishes – Thank You Come Again

Can we apologise? This has been out a while, and yet we’ve only just got to it, as good as it is. Its by Boston Massachusetts duo Dirty Dishes, aka Jenny Tuite (guitar/vocals) and Alex Molini (synth/bass) who went through that classic boy meets girl at party, boy vomits on girls shoes, boy rings girl to offer to buy new shows, boy and girl get together to make a mash up of grungey rock and trippy experimental music. That old chestnut, eh?

Having already supported the likes of Passion Pit, Autolux, Speedy Ortiz, Trail of Dead, Best Coast and Weezer, the duo have relocated to Los Angeles to continue their climb into the wider worlds conciousness.

Their new (old) single Thank You Come Again, roars into life, all Nirvana like, and ebbing and flowing from the spiky, bared teeth of the chorus with the more circumspect and strippped back verse. As it draws to a close, so everything winds up to a glorious conclusion.

Once again, apologies readers. It won’t happen again. From now on, we’ll be keeping a very close eye on Dirty Dishes.

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