We’ve already waxed lyrical about The Know, husband and wife duo Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer and their EP WeAreTheKnow. Bringing to bear his previous experience with shoegazers Amusement Parks on Fire, they make sweeping, attractive indie rock, with a certain scuffed shoegaze sound. Such was the case with the track who’s video we’re premiering right here on Backseat Mafia today – Dreamlike State, which could almost be a Jesus and Mary Chain song, albeit female fronted and with a soft covering of synths, glockenspiel and sprawling guitar.

Essentially a lyric video, its part of a series of videos – one per week, but it’s the only one with a video, so we’re delighted to have it first here on Backseat Mafia. Jennifer from the band told us that the song is the first one she ever wrote and it was to herself, and such is the deeply personal nature of it, it was important for her to be in the video.

Check it out, here