See: Quiet Hollers release video for Mont Blanc

Louisville five piece Quiet Hollers song Mont Blanc was one of the stand out tracks on their recent self-titled album, which dropped back in October. It’s classic indie/americana, built on aching violins, twinkling guitar lines, this almost static piano and this shuffle, meaning it floats somewhere between heart-breaking and drop dead gorgeous.

The new video, released today, is similarly brilliant – described by lead singer Shadwick Wilde “The video for Mont Blanc was shot in a subdivision that was used as temporary housing for military families, but it looks to have been abandoned since at least the 1980s. I wrote the song after my partner (who appears in the video, along with our daughter) and I moved from the city to my family’s old farm outside Louisville. In theory, it was supposed to have been a sort of science fiction… the song’s narrator is trying to survive with his family after some cataclysmic event. We had to look hard to find a place that looked hastily abandoned and bombed-out enough to fit the song’s apocalyptic imagery, when of course there are people for whom such a place is home, and mass murder a fact of life. I suppose some irony is unavoidable.”

See for yourself, here

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