See: Ghostpoet shares new video for ‘Be right back, moving house’

Its been quite a year for Ghostpoet. His album Shedding Skin, as well as being one of the albums of the year, was nominated for a mercury prize, though – aren’t all of his albums? He’s released a new video for the track ‘Be right back, moving house’, a wistful, pondering track ‘I sit right here looking for the answers’ he mutters. Over the back theres a certain ebb and flow about it, built on this noodling guitar line as it shuffles along, draped as it is in melancholy.

The accompanying video, directed by SBlood is, according to the director “about every person’s struggle to achieve what they want, being trapped in the machine and the boredom of never ending routine. The track and the idea were a perfect fit, lyrically giving me an image of a man climbing an endless set of stairs, one step at a time. The idea was to create a dream-like sense to the video, influenced by the art of MC Escher and Japanese Anime artist Satoshi Kon”.

Shedding Skin is out now on Play It Again Sam.

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