Track: Wee Cherubs – Dreaming

Originally out in 1984 on the short-lived Glasgow based label Bogatan, Dreaming was Glasgows the Wee Cherubs only commercial release, written by Martin Cotter who found (relative in comparison) fame in The Bachelor Pad. Backed by a version of The Velvet Underground’s ‘Waiting for my Man’, it’s original run didn’t sell well, due in part to a lack of promotion and the bands seeming ’untogetherness’. Indeed, Cotter reportedly threw away boxes of the 7” when he moved house.

It’s been reissued as part of the Optic Nerve 7.0 series on a limited run of 800 on beautiful coloured vinyl with the usual added treats of a postcard and a poster.

Quite why it didn’t sell are mystifying when listening to Dreaming, as it wend its Orange Juice like way along, like a Motown record ambushed by some shuffling, cardigan wearing dreamers on the way somewhere. It’s packed with the kind of indie melancholy that would have you wiping you eyes on your paisley shirts, while the girl backing vocals wash them away.

Check it out, here

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