Track: Kele Okereke investigates instrumental music in ‘The Heart Of The Wave’

KELE OKEREKE may be best known as the frontman of the band Bloc Party, who fused elements of house and electronica into their work. He first branched off with a solo career in 2010 and the release of his debut album, The Boxer, keeping a lot of the traditional house and electronica elements. He refined this sound on his second album, 2014’s Trick. When 2017 came around and Kele unveiled his third album, Fatherland, fans were quick to notice a different sound and vibe, featuring more emotional and personal content from this lyrical provocateur. He has ventured more into this territory with his new single “The Heart Of The Wave”.

While Kele has been no stranger to emotive music, this kind of instrumental is a first for him. Combining guitar, bass and synths, Okereke creates a vivid soundscape that conjures images of the sea and what may lay below the surface. The combination of instruments make the track a joy to listen to. Though from a technical aspect it’s not extremely complex, it works with what it’s got and creates a track worth listening to.

Accompanying the song is a video composed of many scenic shots of the ocean and flowing water; the colour scheme and tone fit the instrumental perfectly. Overall, though a first venture into instrumentals, Okereke’s track is a great building point for future endeavours in the genre.

The Heart Of The Wave’ is out via his own label, KOLA Records / !K7.

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