Track: Louien – ‘Fire’: a track of ethereal grace teases for next month’s EP

Miranda Solberg, aka Louien

WITH her No Tomorrow EP due out a month from now, Norwegian indie-folkie Louien has one final come-hither single to share with us, after the bold country rock of “Better Woman” and the effortlessly heart-stealing “Deep Within”; that track’s called “Fire”, and you warm yourself at its flame below.

She’s left behind the exploration of trauma after her the death of her father which so coloured her 2019 debut set,
None of My Words, for a brighter, prouder, more forward-looking set on her new EP.

“Fire” presents another facet of Louien’s talents, opening in ethereal rootsy lament, strings and things; a waking dream of sunny beauty, in the same verdant and almost ambient folk territory as her fellow countrywoman Siv Jakobsen, full of a shiny-eyed wonder; a gossamer web of a song that wraps you like a passing cloud. One of her best yet, to these ears.

On No Tomorrow, Louien follows whichever paths, lyrically and musically, presented in order to capture the feelings she had when writing a particular song.

“I wanted to play around a bit more, not take myself or the songs too seriously, as the debut was very heavy and took years to write.

“I mean, writing a thoroughly happy song might still be out of my reach, but I’m trying to get more than one perspective in there”, says Miranda Solberg, the woman behind the Louien guise.

Louien’s No Tomorrow EP will be released digitally by Jansen Records on June 4th and is available to pre-order now over at Bandcamp.

Connect with Louien on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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