Premiere: Al Carr unveils the enigmatic video for gorgeous track ‘Sinking Moon’

We are very pleased to premiere the video for Al Carr‘s new single, the shimmering, yearning jangle of ‘Sinking Moon’ off his recent album ‘The Right Dereliction’.

With a voice redolent of the late great Chris Bailey from The Saints, this is an epic track that is drenched in a melancholic sheen and blessed with anthemic chorus that rings out like a bell.

Carr says track is central to his recent album:

This is the song around which the rest of the tracks were built,

He describes the song as:

words of advice, take it or leave it, forewarning from one friend to another, with a Fender Rhodes providing some sparse melodic accompaniment.

The cinematic scope of the music is given added verve by the enigmatic video clip – two men engaged in some form of robbery and the aftermath including a McGuffin – an object, device, or event that is necessary to the plot and the motivation of the characters, but insignificant, unimportant, or irrelevant in itself. There is a sense of deep regret after intial euphoria that ultimately ends in division and retribution.

It’s a beautifully shot video that perfectly captures a sense of unease, mistrust and the falling apart of a relationship, poignant and stark.

‘The Right Dereliction’ is out now. Carr says of the album:

Each song on this release is tinged with a sense of hopefulness whilst recounting stories, characters and personalities who are struggling through a moment in time. With this batch of songs I wanted to get inside the head of a character living through a small town drama and balance the lyrics almost like a confessional of sorts. The verses offering up the dilemma and the choruses providing the redemption.

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