Track: Nia Wyn – Who Asked You.

Fresh from releasing her debut EP Love I Can’t Ruin in February, UK soul artist Nia Wyn has released her brand new single “Who Asked You“.

Focused on dealing with negative energy from people with unwelcome opinions, especially about the stigma around mental illness and naysayers doubting your aspirations of leaving a small town and its mentalities, “Who Asked You” very much seems an auto-biographical moment for the soul artist.

For me this track is about being faced with unsolicited opinions from others – whether that’s from judgemental people you knew back home who always doubted you or called you unstable and weird because you didn’t fit in with others.

There’s also the message of what goes around comes around in some way and how that negative energy people build up will ultimately hold them back whether that’s now or later on.

There have been unfair comparisons already to the great Amy Winehouse – I say unfair because of that an awful lot of weight on a young musician’s shoulders carrying that – although thematically and vocally it’s hard not to.

Nia Wyn is definitely a musician to keep an eye on, and comparisons aside, she could be one of those to continue to fly the flag of British soul.

Wyn’s EP, Love I Can’t Ruin, is out now to help bring you up to speed.

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