EP: Nia Wyn – Love I can’t ruin

North Wales soul-crossover artist Nia Wyn has released her debut EP ‘Love I can’t ruin’, ahead of supporting Paul Weller on a run of dates in the UK. It features previous singles ‘Stay in Your Lane’ and ’10 Seconds’, as well as the title track and two other tracks.

Of the release Wyn says “I’m really excited to show everyone  my first body of work. There’s a lot of emotions in this, for me there’s some anger in there; anxiety, vulnerability and finding safety/comfort in some places. etc. It’s hard sometimes being a young independent woman trying to make way in the music industry which influenced a few of the songs. There’s some darker moments in there when everything in the UK made me want to run away and hide. But there’s some lighter stuff too about falling in love, getting hot for someone and telling catcallers to fuck off.” 

The opener, the laid back soul groove of 10 seconds, showcases Nia’s raw and ageless vocals manage to have a warmth and integrity about them as she sweeps and drives over them, with follow up Stay in your lane seeing her drive the funk a little more, the horns and flute giving it a authenticity while being completely up to date.

Title track Love I can’t ruin plays on her insecurities about love and relationships, with its almost jerky melodies and stabbed brass sanded down by the organ and vocal harmonies. The urgency of Last Warning leads us into the closing track Castaway in love, the hip-hop beats contrasting with her vocal which nudges at you with Nia’s almost direct and wiry tone that sets her apart from her contemporaries, as she muses on what she hasn’t got time for right now.

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