Tracks: Elaine Palmer – Let Me Fall

Palmer’s album ‘The Land Between‘ released last year via Butterfly Effect records was her finest work to date and one of our top albums of 2021. After teasing us with a couple of videos of songs from that album, she has now shared her first new music of this year with the single ‘Let Me Fall’.

The track explores Elaine’s fascination with creative artists. Whether it be film writers, authors, musicians, poets, visual artists….a place we can escape into. The concept explores the seduction of losing ourselves in the mind of the creator as we fall into the fantasy of a world they create.

Another gorgeously constructed track that floats with its beautiful vocal harmonies over the strum of an acoustic guitar and tap of a drum. The track is beefed up with an electric guitar from which emerges a surprisingly perfectly judged guitar solo that is drenched in just the right amount of sustain and feedback. And of course, we have Palmer’s voice which is just the icing on the cake.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Palmer’s Website or Facebook

Purchase the album ‘The Land’ Between’ here

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