Track: Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Brigitte Bardini unveils a dreamy slice of sparkling pop with new single ‘Heartbreaker’ and announces new album ‘Stellar Lights’.

‘Heartbreaker’, the new single from Melbourne multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist Brigitte Bardini is a smooth, gurgling dream pop delight that coasts along on a bed of bubbling electronica, creating an ethereal and transfixing fugue. The soundscapes painted by Bardini are rich and lush: many layers of sounds and effects mix and melt together into something hypnotic while Bardini’s vocals are soft and enchanting as she repeats the lines Oh could you be my heartbreaker like a mantra designed to lull you into a reverie.

The themes reflect universal anxiety. Bardini says of the track:

‘Heartbreaker’ is about having something very special in your life and exploring that hypothetical situation in your mind that you might lose that thing.  A lyric like ‘I don’t want to lose my future to my past’ really captures that anxiety of lingering on past events and catastrophising about future events, and just trying to do my best to live in the moment.

The accompanying video by producer WILK, is filled with deep, lush colours – the dark purple hues of a gorgeous starry night contrasted with beams of incandescent light. It is very surreal and psychedelic, matching the mesmerising dreamy track:

The track is from Bardidni’s self-produced debut album ‘Stellar Lights’, set for release on 30 August 2021. You can download or stream the single here. ‘Stellar Lights’ is self-written and self-produced, excluding six tracks that were co-produced with Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios in Melbourne.

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