Album Review: Anorak Patch release astounding debut EP ‘By Cousin Sam’: Out now via Nice Swan Records

A wonderfully bold and layered album, inspired by the best parts of other genres and served up in Anorak Patch style.

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The Breakdown

Nice Swan Recordings 9.0

Cementing themselves as one of the UK’s most exciting bands to emerge in recent years, Essex foursome Anorak Patch have just released their first EP, By Cousin Sam. The debut release comes via Nice Swan Records, a label that have worked with some of the UK’s buzziest acts including Sports Team, English Teacher, Silverbacks, Hotel Lux, FUR, Courting, and Malady.

Never merely a teen band, Anorak Patch have infectious confidence, character, passion and consciousness which shows in their bold, pretty-yet-imperfect, lyrical tracks about life. Consisting of Effie Lawrence, 17 (Vocals/Keyboards), Eleanor Helliwell, 16 (Bass), Oscar Ryland, 18 (Guitar) and Luca Ryland 15 (Drums/Vocals), the Rowhedge foursome care about the state of economics, climate change and even that Space Raiders are far too expensive (they should be free).

New album By Cousin Sam is a wonderfully layered example of all the above things: Opening track Cousin Sam starts as a hypnotic, synth-reverb rumble, with Effie’s beautifully moody vocals intermittently succumbing to the wall-of-sound verse and its wave of satisfying rock guitar. Paris Will be Paid For is perfectly carried along by its drums, undulating constantly to reveal tight harmonies and a pleasingly paced note progression.

Previous singles to appear on the album include Irate, an impressively indie, drum-thrasher of a track, right down to the last, fevered guitar strum. The ever-catchy Delilah gusts in like a sudden breeze and rises steadily – all edgy guitars and focused drums – to a perfectly chaotic pop anthem. The Sunday Times deemed Delilah ‘one of the best singles of the year’ and we are inclined to agree. The beat-propelled, mystic grunginess of Blue Jeans leads perfectly into the darkly hectic closer, Polly Filler, with its sludgy guitars and intricate bass line.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that this magnificent debut with its almost faultless production, clever lyrics and confident musicianship will further the band’s already rapid rise. We really hope so. Anorak Patch are a shining example of the confidence of youth, taking inspiration from the best parts of other genres and absolutely serving it up in their own way. And with real talent that shouldn’t be underestimated.

By Cousin Sam is out now April via Nice Swan Records, order HERE

Anorak Patch are confirmed for Are You Listening, and Hanwell Hootie Festivals, dates below:

6th May – Hanwell Hootie Festival, Ealing – Tickets HERE

7th May – Are You Listening Festival, Reading – Tickets HERE

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