Compilation: New Horizons – A Bristol Jazz Sound

Bristolian promoters Worm Disco Club have been championing South-Western talent since their inception in 2014 and since have become synonymous with quality groove laden goodness, percussive madness, jazz, psych and beyond.
Now proudly presenting their label Worm Discs, the collective recruit some of Bristol’s most notable emerging talent for an exploration into the new wave of Jazz emanating from the city. The compilation Featuring the talents of Waldo’s Gift, Snazzback, Run Logan Run, BaDaBoom, Lyrebird and Alun Elliot-Williams, ‘New Horizons’ channels the seismic energy of the sonically rich landscape into 11 progressive, psychedelic, impeccably crafted tracks.

The Worm Discs team explain: “The idea for this record began back in 2019. We had been curating parties in Bristol featuring jazz acts from around the UK for several years and had just hosted “The Wormhole” at Glastonbury Festival, featuring an all-star line-up from the scene. Having always felt that Bristol’s exciting jazz scene deserved to be heard, the idea for a label was born. We wanted to showcase some individual creativity and open up a space to try something different.” From the cinematic, post-rock infused intensity of Waldo’s Gift’sBergson” to the zen-like, floating melodies of Ishmael Ensemble’s rework of Snazzback’s “Flump” and the angular textures of Run Logan Run’s epic “A Sea Of Apathy And Indifference” – this record is true odyssey from start to finish, for those who really want take a trip down the Wormhole.

so…… before we go any further check out the sublime Flump (Ishmael Ensemble Rework) from Snazzback.

There’s some fantastic work here with no filler, a wonderful collection of contemporary jazz that serves as a great introduction to the rich scene coming out of Bristol. From moments of calm bliss to moments of fervid fierceness the craftsmanship on each of the musical compositions shines through as the instruments join together effortlessly to play their parts to perfection. Saxophones swirl around hypnotically, Trumpets call out playing sweet melodies, Guitars progress from melancholic to enthralling intensity and all the while each on a wave of tremendous percussive brilliance. It would be remiss of me if I didn’t mention China Bowls vocal work with Snazzback on the compilation, thoroughly enchanting and while staying within the cadences of jazz she infuses the music with her own vocal style, complimenting the tracks superbly. Such a strong first release from Worm Discs, track it down and get a slice of what’s to come from a promising label with a great line up of talented artists.

Noteworthy: Stax of Sax, some phenomenal Saxophone work throughout.

Out now, available from

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