Live Review: Cavalera/Incite – Manchester Academy 10/11/2023

What more could you ask for on a cold, dark and wet mid-November evening than a healthy dose of Brazilian Deathened Thrash courtesy of the true iconic legends, the Cavalera brothers et al, and furthermore they have brought along Incite to add even more power and aggression to the evening.

Once inside the Academy it was noticeable just how sparse the crowd was, especially given that the door times were fairly late by Manchester’s standards, and the support weren’t even due on until 20.15. No worries though, it may well fill up given time I suppose.

As Incite infiltrate the stage, the congregation gathered here tonight did their best to replicate the noise which was being omitted from the Marshalls with their own brand of vitriolic and violent noise, showing their true appreciation for the Thrashy Groove Metal which was being served to them in the confines of the venue. Richie Cavalera spat out the vocals with dedication and passion, each word seeming to be dispensed with ever growing pride and authority, stalking the stage with malice and hunger, bounding about like a springbok on steroids, all adding to the spectacle which you just couldn’t detract your vision from. The six string duties were displayed with flourish and ardour which were technical and intricate and sat faultlessly alongside the thicker strings of ‘EL’ which saw him taming his axe with muscle and brawn with the stature of a demented minotaur. ‘Mental Destruction’ and ‘Built To Destroy’ were colossal in their construction in this live setting with the backbone being generated courtesy of Lopez which allowed all the other factions to sit alongside each other and intertwine to create a natural maelstrom of delicate brutality. As the set drew to a close, it was clearly evident that the band were a little humbled by the response they received in Manchester tonight and I’m sure this can only act as a catalyst as to a reason why they need to return in the not too distant future.

Onto the main event and despite them sitting under the simple moniker of Cavalera tonight, it’s pretty much an unspoken understanding that this is a celebration of the Sepultura early years, and boy were Max and Igor here to make sure you knew it. As the lights dimmed, we were entertained by some haunting rumblings overflowing from the PA before the eerie and chilling ‘The Curse’ shrouded us and then ‘Bestial Devastation’ was unleashed with ferocity and aggression, and this purely acted as the perfect platform on which to launch the rest of the album off. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, ‘Bestial Devastation’ and ‘Morbid Visions’ in full and back-to-back, wow it certainly was a pinch me moment and one which demanded that you either stand back and let yourself absorb every beat, riff and vocal, or if you were more central in the room, become a cog in the huge pits which were breaking out all over the floor. Max’s vocals were on point, spat out with aggression and malice, seeming to harness his inner self from back in the day when these masterpieces were first born, Igor was a maniacal machine on the kit and seemed to be spurred on by Maxs intermittent demands and barks of encouragement. As the set progressed, it was a real freight train of emotive battering’s, ‘Funeral Rites’ was absolutely mesmeric and then we were treated to some classic Sepultura post the ‘Morbid Visions’ era, ‘Escape To The Void’ was colossal and ‘Refuse Resist’ was its usual anthemic and magnificent self. Then to close the evening and send us into the nightsky with a solid adeus, ‘Troops Of Doom’, an absolutely mammoth rendition and one which saw all of those in attendance move their heads and bodies in one form or another.

Tonight had been a success of epic proportions and one an evening which saw us reminisce over old favourites, classics and some of the best god damn metal anthems ever written, period. Pair this with the ferocity and intensity with which it was delivered and the fact that we were in the company of absolute goliaths, true legends of the world we all know and love, was just the icing on the cake and one I will definitely take another bite out of if I ever get this golden ticket chance again.

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