Track: Escape The Fate – Invincible

Escape The Fate releases their new song ‘Invincible’ featuring violinist Lindsey Stirling. The track heralds the start of the pre-order campaign for the band’s upcoming album, ‘Chemical Warfare’.

With the addition of world-renowned violinist Lindsey Stirling’s expert musicianship which is brought to the forefront at the end of the song, Escape The Fate was able to create a softer touch to a high-intensity track. 

Ortiz speaks about having Stirling on the new track,

“She is an angel – she has so much light in her.  But the primary reason I wanted to work with her… strictly speaking musically, she is gnarly – her music is epic.”

Lindsey comments:

“I loved working with the guys! I originally started out by playing with rock bands, so this took me back to some fond memories from my past times. As I’ve learned more about their stories as individuals and as a band, it’s cool that they truly represent fighting through darkness to find and chose light,”

Huge chorus and intense verses and everything else we expect from these guys. The breakdown brings the heavy while Stirling seamlessly joining in with the band and bringing the emotion.

Check it out, here

Pre order the album here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

On November 20th the band will do a streaming concert, Live worldwide, performing their greatest hits and songs from their forthcoming album.  Tickets can be purchased on now!

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