Denim Snakes – 21

“21” is a good time. The sentiment is somewhere we’ve all been – those glorious, fleeting months or years when everything is possible or at least worth a punt and almost every weekend, if not night, throws up serial delights and adventures. The man from Barry’s got it right “18 and I’m an overlord !”. That’s how it was – although I was nearly 21 before I felt THAT invincible (“when I was 21 I thought growing up was a myth”). Of course, our man is reporting from the wrong side of the equation and is daydreaming of being there again – but “you can’t go back, can’t go back, can’t go back”. We’ve all been there too, wishing we could indeed “press pause for a moment”.

So what about the music ? Cheerful, strummed rhythms, a pleasingly subtle hint of lead guitar, the reassuring-but-not-overbearing thud and thump of drums and a rousing blast of harmonica (that’s the way to do it ! don’t overplay it, show us a bit of leg and leave us hungry for more !). Put that in your pipe and toke on it, for old times’ sake.

p.s. Handclaps !
p.p.s. Woo !

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