Track: Amigo The Devil – Different Anymore

With the recent release of his new album, ‘Born Against’ (read our review here), Danny Kiranos has shared an intimate acoustic version of the heartfelt track Different Anymore recorded in a dimly lit cave with only an isolated mic and acoustic guitar.

With searching heartfelt lyrics and a voice as strong and colourful as Kiranos’s all you need is an acoustic guitar and a huge cave to bounce the sound waves around. He manages to make the track even more powerful with his clever lyrical phrasing and emotive vocals. “It is a very personal and specific song that I had been writing it for a while,” he states. “I wanted to find a setting that mimicked the COVID mentality, and a cave was the loneliest place I could think of.”

Check out the live version, here

Find out more via Kiranos’s Website or Facebook

Order the album here

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