News: Lonelady reveals Manchester Installation

Warp’s LoneLady can now announce a temporary installation project, in which she has embedded an mp3 device into a patch of wasteground in a location on the outskirts of Manchester. A rumination on the built environment, a discreet intervention.

This edition takes place in Miles Platting, Manchester; a nebulous terrain nudging into Ancoats, Ardwick, Clayton. A region sometimes satanic, sometimes magic. A forlorn outskirt; a seance territory.  A place which has influenced LoneLady time and time again.

To find the installation follow the map viewable here.You will need to supply your own headphones. You will find a previously unreleased track, ‘Little Fugue’ there. The directions in full are on LoneLady’s blog

‘Little Fugue’ was recorded in the same sessions as her last studio release ‘Hinterland’ (2015). Since 2016 she’s been holed up in her recording studio in Somerset House Studios amongst other creatives and musicians including Anna Meredith, Charles Jeffrey, GAIKA, Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard amongst others whilst she works on a new album.

She’s also played shows with post-punk legends New Order, Hot Chip, Roisin Murphy & Primal Scream, Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) and Eric Random.

The installation loops continuously until the batteries dies when the track becomes an obsolete entombed relic within the building. It’s estimated the installation will be live for up to two weeks.

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