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Unflesh have created clever, intricate, uncomfortable and fascinating music in equal measure that demands your attention. This is blackened death metal that leaves you physically drained but wanting more. So much more.

Blackened melodic death metallers Unflesh have released their second full-length, ‘Inhumation’. The band partnered with artist Junki Sakuraba (Seven Spires) once again to create the killer album art for Inhumation. The album was mixed and mastered by renowned musician and engineer V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress, etc.) at Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany.

Unflesh vocalist/guitarist Ryan Beevers comments:

“Inhumation delves into the concept of desensitisation and losing one’s soul or losing one’s humanity so to speak. The title itself is used in a metaphorical sense, as the actual definition of the word “Inhumation” is the action or practice of burying the dead. For album purposes, the title is used on a more spiritual and emotional level. Each track on the album is a bit of a meditation on different aspects of the primary concept. When the listener gets to the last song on the album, the totality of the album will have taken form. I was extremely focused on binding together the riffs and lyrics to channel a certain atmosphere I had in my head initially when writing the songs. The goal was to create a more immersive listening experience. I think this goal is also reflected in how the album sounds and in the artwork. Everyone involved worked very hard on this record. We are looking forward to sharing this album with the world and to finally document the next step in the Unflesh sound with this second full-length album.”

A suitable dark and mysterious start with angular acoustic chords dragged through a the gentle caress of rain. ‘Behold Nightfall’ pounding drums take things on a heavier twist. This album is monstrous concoction of high speed guitars and double speed drums. Which is what a ‘Vast Forest of Impaled Cadavers’ stands as a perfect introduction to after the gentle yet heavy ‘Behold Nightfall’ has lulled you in. The vocals harsh and guttural as expected has that whispering quality to them that suits the music.

‘To Renounce Flesh and Blood’ just picks up where ‘Vast Forest of Impaled Cadavers’ leaves off and carries on with battering you around the head. The combination of detuned math rock riffing and relentless drums gives the music an uneasy jumpy feel that doesn’t stay in one place but feels the need to grab hold of various melodies and weave between them. The mastery in which guitarist and singer Ryan Beevers pieces it all together is very impressive.

The horror continues with title track ‘Inhumation’ before we get a chance to take a breath with the intro for ‘Amongst Horrors Must I Dwell’. Cleaner with a more standard metal guitar playing opens the track and even after the drums join in the guitar sticks to more coherent riffing with just a touch of the unease. The vocals, which really shouldn’t sound as good as they do since Beevers takes on both guitar and vocal duties, are just on the right side of guttural to be understood. 

Sounding twice the speed it seems possible to play, ‘Holocaust of Stars’ brings the bands unique craziness back. t’s all full on black metal but out of the ashes rises a glorious chorus that seems too float above the mash of guitar and drums. Theres also a hugely enjoyable guitar solo although it seems the entire track is nothing but immense genius finger work. ‘The Sepulchral Depths’ does that funny thing where Beevers’s vocals take on what I can only describe as, pop quality, whilst still remaining very much metal. Gregory sets fire to his fretboard as he fits in perfectly with the band.

The band sound like each instrument just does its own thing and out of the chaos a song is created. That could very much be said about final track ‘Dehumanized Legion’. The guitar wanderers about under the vocals like it’s a completely different song, yet it just works. Inhumation is an album that requires focus and concentration. As Beevers’s says “For this album, there was a lot more focus on developing a lingering dark atmosphere throughout the record with the music and lyrics to create a more immersive listening experience.” A listener experience is certainly what the band have delivered. Just check out the guitar solo on ‘Dehumanized Legion’. Simple magic.

Uncomfortable in places and as I mentioned the album demands attention to get the best out of it. The ability to weave the song structures and intricate melodic passages together all while keeping the ear bleeding heaviness boggles the brain. The band show no sign of wanting to keep things simple and heavy and just chug out huge riffs and earth scorching bass. Instead they create clever, intricate and fascinating music in equal measure. It leaves you physically drained but wanting more.

Check out the track, Holocaust Of Stars, below:

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