Album Review: Delta Maid – Katie

Liverpool artist Delta Maid returns to the music scene with something to prove with her stunning new album Katie. The album, out right now, is saturated with soulful blues and charismatic vocals – it’s a bold statement of independence from Delta Maid, with the album being named after her own birth name, Katie Foulkes.

The new album breaks Delta Maid’s nine year hiatus from the music industry, after her chaotic time on the music scene back in 2010 was short-lived. Though she signed a major record deal, toured globally with renowned artists, and released the impressive album ‘Outside Looking In’, Delta Maid soon realised that she didn’t quite fit into the commercially orientated music industry, and retreated from it.

Rediscovering her songwriting mojo and appetite for music, Katie includes an array of soul stirring tracks written over the past nine years, and offers a variety of memorable tracks, not least opening track ‘White Knuckle Ride’, which incorporates freewheeling rhythms and powerful vocals. 

Delta Maid versatile style shines through in the new album, especially evident through soulful tracks ‘Alchemy’, the reggae-pop of ‘Lion’s Den’ and electronica track ‘On The Tide’.

The ten track album marks a personal triumph for Delta Maid, who has developed her best work through independent perseverance. It’s release suggests that this is just the start of a newly found presence within the music scene for Delta Maid. Remember the name.

 Katie is available on all major platforms now.

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