Say Psych: Premiere: The Oscillation – Droneweapon Phase 1

Over the duration of its lifetime, The Oscillation has come to be recognised as one of the leading lights in contemporary psychedelia. Fuelled by a restless desire to push ever further forward, The Oscillation’s explorations into the furthest reaches of music, sound and sonic dynamics have ensured a back catalogue where no two albums sound the same.

Continuing its ongoing trajectory, The Oscillation is back with Droneweapon, to be released on 7 August as a strictly limited-edition album of just 100 copies, this highly collectable artefact is made up of two 22-minute drones that sooth, undulate and caress. BSM is pleased to bring you the video premiere of ‘Droneweapon Phase 1’.

“Unlike previous releases by The Oscillation, Droneweapon is intended more as a panacea,” explains mainman Demian Castellanos. “This is music that works as a sonic balm, to help bring about an inner calm and a realisation that we’re not alone in facing whatever it is that the world throws at us.” Droneweapon was recorded as a response to the sense of disconnect felt by Demian Castellanos on a trip away from home. “I recorded four tracks of drone on a keyboard through phasers and tremolo pedals,” says Castellanos as he recalls Droneweapon’s creation. “I recorded the initial composition on a Fostex four-track cassette recorder as I like the limitations it imposes. This was transferred to ProTools where all the source sounds were sent through more outboard effects units.”

The album’s sumptuous artwork – created by visual artist Antonio Curcetti – is bolstered by idiosyncratic liner notes that have been specially created to guide the listener through the Droneweapon experience.

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