Track: Jekyll – The Escapist plus EP News

Blackpool’s finest and one of our perennial favorites, Jekyll have just released a new single ‘The Escapist’ in anticipation of their newly announced EP, ‘The Whispering Gallery’, which will be released on Fierce Panda on 13th March 2020.

‘The Escapist’ continues to augment Jekyll’s clear and distinctive style – epic, vaulting choruses and sharp, incisive guitars underpinned by a thundering spine-rattling rhythm. Jekyll are capable of injecting an incredible amount of unbridled energy and enthusiasm into every second of their music, and the vocals are haunted with yearning and melancholia. Indie, cinematic stadium rock at its epic best. Think of a more grounded and accessible Muse or Radiohead.

This is a band going places and a band that deserves the accolades it has been receiving, with universal praise and regular plays on BBC Radio. You can get the single here and pre-order the EP here. Track listing (with links to earlier reviews) is:

The Escapist
I Do What I Can
Echoes (Uncut)
Midnight Swim

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