Track: Requin – ‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’

Brisbane has always had a reputation for producing quirky ground-breaking indie music – think of The Go-Betweens and The Saints for starters or contemporaries like The Goon Sax and Elder. Requin, newly signed to 4000 Records (a mark of quality right there) is such a band.

Their new single ‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’ is a fascinating journey of a song – moving from contemplative raw honest self-reflection to rousing crescendos and a mesmerising chorus. There is a sparse, elegant, evocative beauty to the song – reflecting to some extent the feeling you get about the band itself:

The rawness captures the recording, done on an eight track at a parent’s home. According to singer Fionn Richards:

We agreed it was important…to capture the songs as genuinely as possible. A big part of that was being able to record them as we wrote them, standing across from one another. It was very meaningful for us to be able to record the songs this way, in the house where they were written.

The themes covered in this single and album are very personal. It was a real privilege to be able to document them in the house I’d spent my life growing up in, alongside incredible people.

A beautiful, vulnerable sound that manages to carve out its own place.

You can get the single now through here.

Prior to launching the single at the Bearded Lady in Brisbane on 4 April 2020, the band is touring New Zealand for 10 days (5th-15th March) where they will be performing at Whanganui, Wellington, Christchurch, Blenheim, Palmerston North and Auckland.  Full details here.

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  1. […] Requin burned brightly but tragically briefly, leaving behind an impressive body of work (see our review of the single ‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’ last year). All is not lost however […]

  2. […] burned brightly but tragically briefly, leaving behind an impressive body of work (see our review of the single ‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’ last […]

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