Premiere: Brisbane artist Aren’t unveils debut single, the transfixing ‘The Black from the Dark ft McKisko’ and announces debut EP.

Feature Photograph: Sophie Richards

Brisbane band Requin burned brightly but tragically briefly, leaving behind an impressive body of work (see our review of the single ‘Rules That Won’t Be Broken’ last year). All is not lost however – Fionn Richards from the band has formed the project Aren’t, and we are honoured to provide an exclusive listen to the debut single ‘The Black from the Dark’ before its general release on 19 September 2021, through the vital 4000 Records.

Featuring the remarkable backing vocals of McKisko (multi-instrumentalist Helen Franzmann), ‘The Black from the Dark’ is a gorgeous, nuanced piece with haunting strings and a mesmerising reflective tone. At a little under 2 minutes, the floating, dappling track is gone before you know it – lulling the listener into a wondrous trance that lingers long after the track ends.

The track comes off Aren’t’s debut EP ‘Creatures Of Habit’, due for release in late in 2021, features the voices of McKisko and Georgia Harvey (Yffer, Seagull) as well as the drum-work of producer Cam Smith (Spirit Bunny, Ghost Notes, Terra Pines).

Aren’t will be debuting live at the 4000 Records second anniversary celebrations on 26 September 2021 in Brisbane along with a full day of music from bands on its roster (most of whom have been reviewed and highly lauded by Backseat Mafia). Details and tickets available here.

Feature Photograph: Sophie Richards

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